How Much We Charge

Fee Schedule

Bookkeeping Services

The fee we charge our clients is based on the services we provide.  At the beginning of any relationship there is always a period of adjustment and we do bill on an hourly basis, at first.  Once we have caught up the backwork we will establish a monthly fee which will need to be paid in advance each month.  We also require a deposit up front before we can start any work.
All Rates are subject to GST.

Our base rates are as follows:

Bookkeeping done in our office                       $50.00-$55.00 per hour
Bookkeeping done in your office                     $55.00-$65.00 per hour

·         Free pickup and delivery
·         Free initial consultation

It is our mandate to charge a fee that keeps with the value of the work being done, and does not cause financial strain, to anyone.  Once we establish a relationship, we can show you how to get the most benefit from our experience. 

In this way, the amount of time involved on the business owner's part will be greatly reduced.  If we can be involved from the very beginning, then the records are not allowed to become a big problem – which would need an extensive amount of time to untangle.

Other Services:

Consulting   $60.00 per hour

This is the fee we will charge to help you setup your business and make all the arrangements with the various government bodies. If required we can help you with the setup of your office and organize your accounting software for the optimum benefit to your company.

Computer Training   $75.00 per hour
(Minimum charge is 3 hours)

We are experienced trainers for Sage 50 and Quickbooks. We are Sage 50 partners and Certified Pro Advisers for Quickbooks. The training can take place in either your office or ours but in our experience it is better done using live data at the company office. In this way the trainee will remember what they have learned more easily.

Income Tax Returns

Single Person Tax Return $100.00 & up depending on how complicated the return is
Spousal Tax Returns (2) $175.00 & up for both husband and wife again depending on how complicated the return is
Proprietorship Tax Return/Partnership Tax Return $200.00 and up depending on how much bookkeeping is required