Why We Do It 

We build lasting, long term relationships with our customers by tailoring our services to meet their needs.  Whether they need us for part of the work, all of it, or just to double check their own work, we’re here to help business owners make sense of this process – and, the numbers.

We’ve worked with many types of businesses, including: retail, manufacturing, construction, service industries, fast-food restaurants, and the list goes on...
Because, of our extensive experience with several franchise chains in the Lower Mainland, we believe we bring an extra valuable service to the small business owner.  This added advantage, is a great benefit for other, similar businesses.

Statistics say that approximately 90% of all small businesses fail in the first year.  The reason for this is often because the small business owner isn't focusing on the business itself.  They have too much to deal with, trying to manage everything, including the bookkeeping.  As we’ve stated, we can be involved as much or as little as the owner wants.  This allows more small businesses to sort out their priorities and take advantage of the kind of services we offer.  Please give us a call to arrange for your free consultation.